Month: June 2019

Midlife Baby Blues

7 Ways to Deal with the MidLife Baby Blues

We’ve all heard the phrase the perfect storm, but have you ever heard of MidLife Baby Blues? Well, becoming a parent right around the time you are passing through mid-life can be the makings of such a storm. The fact that your decades of independence has come to a crashing […]

My First Airbnb

I’m an Introvert. My awesome husband is an unapologetic Extrovert, so naturally, to him the idea of an Airbnb was cool! He had stayed in one several months ago and was eager to repeat this for our trip to Savannah, Ga. This would be my first Airbnb. As an introvert, […]

The Amazon Echo arrived and made itself at home

Introducing……..Amazon Echo w/Alexa Our Family has been very busy adding new members for the past 2 months. First, it was a wily bunny named Mr. Nibbles. Then a sssssssssilly snake named Spencer, and now we welcome Alexa into our home. Alexa is, of course, the Amazon Echo Dot’s voice assistant […]