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Creating a Weekend Family Routine

Many family weekends are often unstructured and savage without the systematic Tic-Toc of work and school to tame the hours. Having a battle-plan ahead of time means less stress and a more productive, fun and a relaxing 2 days. Preparing for the Weekend is just as important as preparing for the Next Week to come. I will show you how to create a great Weekend Family Routine.

Between 6 pm on Friday and 6 am on Sunday, the weekend holds 60 hours. A routine or family plan sets appropriate expectations and limits for every member of the family. Between work and school, the weekday schedule is usually tight. Let your weekend family routine be a more loose (not scheduled to the last minute) balance between getting things done, recharging and spending quality time together. Make a prioritized list of everyone’s needs, wants and responsibilities, then use a Block Schedule to create a plan. Whichever way is good for you and your family, keep a written (Notebook, Wall Calendar) or electronic (Apps) schedule that is accessible to everyone.

Adult Weekend Routine

adult weekend routine

Being organized means that you’re more in control. Organization creates structure and saves you more time to do the important things.

Reconnecting with your partner should be high on your list. Alone Time with your partner can easily get lost in the day to day noise of family life. Schedule date nights or other special events with just the two of you. It could be a place you’ve always wanted to go together or even a re-creation of a special day/night from your past.

Self Care is a another important task that often gets left off of the To-Do List for the weekend. So, don’t just think about massages, but also include your favorite hobbies.

Me Time = De-stress Time.

This is especially so for an introvert, which I am. Unlike my husband and daughter, I need time away from people and noise to recharge my batteries. So, make it a point to schedule in some me-time, a weekend ritual of things that recharge you.

Kid’s Weekend Routine

family weekend fun

As a mom to a 6 yr old who has 5 BFF’s, believe me when I say that parents and kids have different weekend expectations. But you know what your kids like and want. As in life, no one gets everything they ask for but at least given them several choices to choose from if their To-Do/I Want/I Need List is a long one.


We give our daughter a “Person, Place and Thing” choice. She can choose something from each category for her weekend. These options are dependent of course on her behavior over the past week. These are privileges, and are consequences of acceptable behavior.

  • Person – She can choose to spend time (2-3 hrs) with one of more friends at our house, their house or a Play Place like a trampoline park.
  • Place – She can choose to spend time at a favorite venue for 2 hrs
  • Thing – She can choose 1 item from her “I want list” within budget.

There must of course be a device free period during the day. Kids need that time where they are not lead by electronics and T.V., but are using their own imaginative and creative brain power. This is a great time for reading, board games, STEM Club activities or puzzles.

Kids also need that 1:1 parent time to reconnect and feel special. Individual time with each parent let kids know how much they are loved. This is a great time to get to know your child(ren) better. Engage them in conversation. Ask them a question about their favorite subject and listen to them as they teach you all they know about it. They will cherish this individual time with you!


Even though it is the weekend, I have learned the hard way that kids still need a bedtime. If for no other reason than to give parents a break, they still need a bedtime. It can be a delayed bedtime, but for your sanity, keep a bedtime in place. A Weekend Meltdown is a REAL THING! Also, keeping up with a bedtime reinforces their weekday routine.

For those kids that have to get up early in the morning for school, Sunday evening is the best time to go through their wardrobe and pick out next weeks outfits. As a result, this will save a ton of time in the mornings before school.

Family Weekend Time

weekend family routine

Every weekend make Family Time a priority. Connecting, laughing and having fun together is how we build strong bonds as a family. You can start the weekend off with a Family Night. After dinner, let everyone get into their pajamas throw a blanket or futon mattress on the floor and have a Movie night. You know, Popcorn, candy, soda, the works!

If you want the family to connect with the outdoors try some nature activities. A scavenger hunt in the local park or science center is fun. The winner gets to choose where to go for dinner!

For Saturday/ Sunday here are some other ideas to spend quality time together:

  • Saturday/Sunday morning snuggle time in bed watching cartoons
  • Saturday/Sunday pre-arranged family breakfast making
  • Backyard picnic
  • Neighborhood I-Spy
  • Go to the movies
  • Find a community service to do together
  • Rollerskating
  • Local Science Center/ Kid’s Museum
  • Everyone pitch in to make the family dinner, even the dessert
  • Neighborhood scavenger hunt

** Most cities have a Top 10 of Things To-Do List. Check it out on-line. Furthermore, they tend to change from time to time and season to season.

Responsibilities, Chores and Planning

Amid all of the fun weekend family stuff, Responsibilities, Chores and Planning for the coming week are unavoidable. These too must be organized and scheduled to save time and be productive as possible. Your Block Planning will be your best friend at this point.

Use your Planner to sprinkle the Chores into your weekend at appropriate times, so that the monotony of the chores is broken up by fun family activities. A Chore checkoff list for the family will come in handy right now. Consistent expectations of all family members help develop a sense of responsibility, and time management skills.

Depending on your family dynamics and schedule you’d have to decide whether Saturday or Sunday will be a better time for you to menu plan, shop and meal prep. But getting this chore done in Batch Form will be a Saving Grace come dinner time Monday night.

To cap off your Sunday, make a bucket list for your next weekend. This will be fun for the kids and you to brainstorm ideas for your next weekend of fun! And because you can’t do everything in one weekend, prioritizing a bucket list of fun will give you something to look forward to going into the next looooooog work/school week.

At The End of the Day…

weekend family routine

When creating your routine, don’t forget to consult your schedule for regular activities, such as sports games and special events like birthday parties before filling in your calendar. Also, don’t forget to include de-cluttering into your cleaning and organizing schedule. De-cluttering and freeing up space in your home and your mind is like pressing the reset button.

What are some of your thoughts and experiences with creating a Weekend Family Routine? I’m always looking for great tips and new ideas. Please share any that you have in the comment section below.

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