About Me

Why a Blog?

I’m Sonseeray, a 40 something wife, 9-5er and a parent to a high energy 6-year-old. Welcome to 40’s Interrupted. I’m glad you stopped by. This space is meant to be a source of information, encouragement, advice and positive support for MS’ers and midlife parents who are looking for relatable peer to peer connections while touching on important topics throughout their parenting journey.

Most of my friends were busy with their tweens, teens and young adult children as I gazed down at our newborn daughter in her bassinet asking myself, “OK, we did it. We’re parents, now what?” That was 6 years ago. My perception of many things are a bit different now but, I’ve managed to keep my sanity, sense of humor and I THINK I’m a little less OCD.

Hanging out with the other parents (because playdates are a real thing) who were easily 15-20 years younger than me can sometimes be challenging. Many of our interests outside of childrearing are vastly different. And, being an introvert with low energy because of Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t help. So, in this space, I’d like to build a thriving community. One that promotes present, engaged parenting while connecting other MS’ers and midlife parents who share our unique struggles.

How I got here…

I’m not quite sure, it all happened so fast I have to keep asking my husband how we got here. (laughing) First, I was a single 28-year-old living in Baltimore. Then, I was 31, married and living in Atlanta. I blinked, and poof (11 years later) I was a clueless mom who had just turned 42.

2 months before our friend called us, with news that a young woman was in labor with a baby she wasn’t going home with, I was in Target standing in front of 1 million options of baby formula. I’d realized, in a cold sweat, that in all of the paperwork-hustle to get “adoption ready,” I’d never investigated what babies actually ate. This was the beginning of my New Midlife Parents Education. My adorable teacher would arrive 8 weeks later. And to my dismay, she showed up with little patience, passed out lots of dirty diapers and handed down harsh judgments with her 2-day old eyes.

The Here and Now

I’m a voracious reader and a bloodhound with my iPhone. I’m always searching for ways to be a great mom, still “hot” wife, balance my home & work-life and battle the fatigue that my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) keeps tripping me up with. And when I think I’ve got all that under control…I dissolve into a waterfall of hot flashes in front of my patients at work or the poor guy at the check-out counter.

To say that I don’t have a lot of time to scour the internet is an understatement. And I’m betting you don’t either. My mission here at 40’s Interrupted is to create a central resource of information and practical guide/cheat sheet (for older beginners). In this space, you will find a mixture of:

  • Personal development
  • Myths you need to ignore
  • Resources to better help you organize & balance your home/work life
  • Dirty little secrets of traveling with kids
  • Reviews on books, products or services
  • Keeping your sanity while you feed your kid(s)
  • Essential ingredients for quality time with your partner
  • Helpful parenting Apps and Technology
  • Unspoken rules about aging gracefully

And other general midlife parenting survival skills all while connecting with other mid-lifers on our current path.

I don’t have all the answers and I’m not an expert. I still have much to learn, but I want to share what I’ve learned along the way. I’m a firm believer that during this journey you CAN live your best life while embracing it with grace and retaining MOST of your sanity!

Enjoy the read!