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Covid-19 new normal

A New Normal for the Family amid COVID-19

I had just figured out how to create a much better routine so that my family could get through the weeks without pulling our hairs out. I’d created a great schedule for us all and was feeling pretty proud of my efforts. And then….COVID-19. I’m “front-line” hospital personnel, so I […]

weekend family routine

Creating a Weekend Family Routine

Many family weekends are often unstructured and savage without the systematic Tic-Toc of work and school to tame the hours. Having a battle-plan ahead of time means less stress and a more productive, fun and a relaxing 2 days. Preparing for the Weekend is just as important as preparing for […]

weekday family routine

Creating a Weekday Family Routine

Creating A Weekday Family Routine is a bit more complex than creating your own personal routine. Because this one involves other household lifeforms. Consistent expectations of all family members can define roles and help develop a sense of responsibility, skills and time management. As I mentioned before, my time management […]

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Adult Like A Pro & Create A Great Family Routine

To Adult or Not to Adult… Some people have mood swings, I have “Adulting” swings. Sometimes I’m good at it but, many times I fail…miserably. Our 6 yr old daughter is a full-fledged human being now. One who watches everything we do and is now modeling my bad habits. So, […]

My First Airbnb

I’m an Introvert. My awesome husband is an unapologetic Extrovert, so naturally, to him the idea of an Airbnb was cool! He had stayed in one several months ago and was eager to repeat this for our trip to Savannah, Ga. This would be my first Airbnb. As an introvert, […]

The Amazon Echo arrived and made itself at home

Introducing……..Amazon Echo w/Alexa Our Family has been very busy adding new members for the past 2 months. First, it was a wily bunny named Mr. Nibbles. Then a sssssssssilly snake named Spencer, and now we welcome Alexa into our home. Alexa is, of course, the Amazon Echo Dot’s voice assistant […]

Midlife Parenting – Surviving the Crisis in 1k Easy Steps

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a midlife parent. This space is for those looking for and sharing advice, support, and information on surviving your midlife parenting crisis. Wikipedia’s definition of a crisis is any event that leads to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, […]