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Adult Like A Pro & Create A Great Family Routine

To Adult or Not to Adult… Some people have mood swings, I have “Adulting” swings. Sometimes I’m good at it but, many times I fail…miserably. Our 6 yr old daughter is a full-fledged human being now. One who watches everything we do and is now modeling my bad habits. So, […]


I’m just NOT that kind of a Parent!

Coming back from the bathroom at 4 am, I lay down on the sliver of mattress that is available. Because the horizontal 5-year-old owned the middle plot. As I snuggled in beside her grinning like a fool, I was comforted by the fact that I could hear her breathing. This […]

Midlife Baby Blues

7 Ways to Deal with the MidLife Baby Blues

We’ve all heard the phrase the perfect storm, but have you ever heard of MidLife Baby Blues? Well, becoming a parent right around the time you are passing through mid-life can be the makings of such a storm. The fact that your decades of independence has come to a crashing […]

The Amazon Echo arrived and made itself at home

Introducing……..Amazon Echo w/Alexa Our Family has been very busy adding new members for the past 2 months. First, it was a wily bunny named Mr. Nibbles. Then a sssssssssilly snake named Spencer, and now we welcome Alexa into our home. Alexa is, of course, the Amazon Echo Dot’s voice assistant […]

Midlife Parenting – Surviving the Crisis in 1k Easy Steps

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a midlife parent. This space is for those looking for and sharing advice, support, and information on surviving your midlife parenting crisis. Wikipedia’s definition of a crisis is any event that leads to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, […]